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Eight bodies retrieved from Lake Kariba

Eight out of the 26 bodies feared dead have been retrieved from Zambia’s Lake Kariba by yesterday after the boat they were in capsized on Friday.

Republican Vice President Dr Guy Scot, Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda, Inspector General of Police, Siavonga District Commissioner and several senior government officials have visited the deceased victims’ families in Henga and Kaleleji in Gwembe District in Southern Province.

Dr. Scott has however assured the nation that government will do everything possible to lessen the pain that the bereaved families have gone through.

ZANIS reports that Dr Scott said this when he addressed the bereaved families in Kaleleji that government has provided food and tents will be supplied to the mourners who are still waiting for the bodies to be retrieved from Lake Kariba.

He expressed his deep sympathy with the bereaved families for the loss of 26 people out of which the majority were school children.

Zambia's Vice President, Dr. Guy Scott

Zambia’s Vice President, Dr. Guy Scott in the middle

The Vice President said the accident has served as eye opener to ensure that in future better water transport is provided to the people living along Lake Kariba.

“I am sorry even the provision of better transport will not help to bring back your beloved ones and I hope we can have a burial and I hope I can come to it,” Dr Scot said.

And Mr. Lubinda said the tragedy that has befallen the people of Henga and Kaleleji is for the entire country.

He advised mourners to be united with government in mourning the death of the children and asked for God’s guidance to prevail in the trying moment for the people of Gwembe. Continue reading

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Mpombo’s political battle ahead of 2016 elections

The conviction of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) President George Mpombo by Lusaka High Court implies that he cannot contest the 2016 elections either as a parliamentarian or republican president until after five years.

Former Defense Minister George Mpombo

Former Defense Minister George Mpombo

According to article 34 (3) (e) states “a person shall be qualified to be candidate for election as President if he is qualified to be elected as a member of the National Assembly,” while Article 65 spells out some of the disqualifications for anyone intending to be a member of the National Assembly which includes conviction and/or serving a sentence of imprisonment for a criminal offence before the nomination which applies now to Mr. Mpombo. Continue reading

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Bring Mundawanga Zoo and Botanical Gardens Back to Life

By Kbwhighway

We would at times sneak out of class at Parklands School in Chilanga to go to Mundawanga Zoo and Botanical Gardens to watch animals, swim and walk through the gardens.
It was off-course unacceptable to skip class and it is something a parent that I am today cannot tolerate from his children but being nutty kids that we were nothing would stop us from an occasional obsession of visiting the Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

It was a place of sweet tranquility and full of succor to people who truly needed to refresh their minds and even re-energise their physicality.

My friend Patrick Chanda, son of Major Alick Chanda who was then Manager of the Mundawanga Zoo and Botanical Gardens with other friends would frequent the Zoo and the garden and take a dive into the sparkling pool.Mundawanga Environmental Park Adventure Swimming
On several occasions we would find the monkeys have invaded Major Chanda’s house and displaced several household items out of their usual place. Major Chanda’s family had been accustomed to living and coexisting with their neighbours in the Zoo whose uninvited visits were most welcome. Continue reading

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