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Prisoners Baptised

By Lawrence Kabutu

A lot of people in society think prisoners are beyond redemption and God has written them off and completely forgotten about their existence.

those that subscrib to such thinking are wrong becaose with God no one is beyond redemption.

17 inmates at Choma central prison have been baptized by the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church during the outreach programme of prison ministries.

The 17 inmates that included eight male remindees, eight male convicts and one female convict were baptized by Choma mission district pastor of the SDA church Wesley Mwiinga.

Pastor Mwiinga admonished the baptized inmates to engage themselves in entrepreneurship life skills offered by various churches in the prison to become better and responsible citizens after serving their sentences..

The inmates pledged to follow the SDA doctrine after pastor Mwiinga took turns to give them baptism vows which the promised to uphold and remain faithful.

Pastor Mwiinga cited from the book of Mark chapter 16 verse 16 where it says ‘’ He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemed’’.

And Choma district Voice of Prophecy (VOP) leader Youthel Habenzu disclosed that the inmates were engaged in 26 VOP lessons before baptism which they successfully completed.

Sister Habenzu said the SDA church has continued to engage other inmates who have not been baptized at Choma central prison with VOP lessons.

She stated that the dorcas workers from Swan SDA church donated trousers to inmates to be used when they finish serving their sentences.

Meanwhile, Choma central prison chaplain Enos Chibale thanked the SDA church for supplementing government’s efforts in transforming inmates at the prison.

Mr. Chibale appealed to the SDA church to continue with the prison ministries programme aimed at making both convicts and remindees become better citizens who can contribute to national development.

The baptism of 17 inmates at Choma central prison marks a second baptism ceremony this year conducted by the SDA church at the prison.


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