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Significant Gold Identified in Zambia

Alecto Minerals plc (AIM: ALO), the African-focused gold and base metal exploration and development company, is pleased to announce excellent results from a confirmatory sampling programme conducted at its wholly owned Matala Gold Project in south-central Zambia (‘Matala’). Continue reading

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Over 1.2 million new voters captured in Zambia

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has captured over 1.2 million new voters registrations during the first, second, third and fourth phases of the mobile just ended voter registration exercise.

Zambians voting in a presidential election caused by the death of President Michael Sata early this year.

Zambians voting in a presidential election caused by the death of President Michael Sata early this year.

The total number of newly captured eligible voters is 1,246,626, while updates during the same period were 1,235,633 and 23,783 notifications of deceased voters. Continue reading

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SME’s overlooked in favour of more populist policies – HH

Lusaka, 9 November 2015, In reaction to the interest rate rise last week the

Hakainde Hichlema poses for a picture with a baby and its mother at a function

Hakainde Hichlema poses for a picture with a baby and its mother at a function

UPND called for more support of Zambian SMEs, including by cutting red tap and relieving some of the bureaucratic burden. Continue reading

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President Lungu rejected Sampa’ s emissaries says Chanda

Zambia’s President Edgar Lungu has rejected a proposal by a group of different emissaries who went to state house to suggest he should fire Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda or Minister of Information and Broadcasting Service Chishimba Kambwili and appoint Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa in either positions.

Miles Sampa

Miles Sampa

The President says the proposal by some emissaries that he should appoint Miles Sampa as either Minister of Finance or Information is absurd saying he will not make comments on the matter.

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Orbis launches Vision for Zambia appeal

November 4 2015

Eye care charity Orbis UK has today (4 November) launched an appeal to help the prevention of childhood blindness in Zambia.

The three-month campaign will raise funds to allow the charity to expand its work in the southern African country, which has one of the highest rates of childhood blindness globally.

Backed by the UK government, all donations made by members of the public from now until 3 February will be doubled as part of a UK Aid Match scheme. The campaign aims to raise £500,000, which will be matched to £1m.

Since entering Zambia four years ago, Orbis has been working in partnership with the country’s Ministry of Health to establish a centre for paediatric eye care. Based in Kitwe Central Hospital, the Kitwe Eye Annexe is the first of its kind in the country, and over the last three years has carried out surgeries on around 1,000 children with cataracts and other complex eye conditions.

The money raised will enable Orbis to begin phase two of its programme, which includes the training of 750 healthcare professionals who will be able to screen children in rural areas for eye conditions and administer basic treatments; piloting the use of mobile technology to speed up the diagnosis and referral of patients in rural areas; and conducting community film screenings.

The films aim to educate people about eye health and encourage discussion within the community to help reduce the fear and stigma of seeking help for their children.

CEO of Orbis, Rebecca Cronin, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to reach thousands of children in Zambia desperately in need of sight-saving treatments. Here in the UK, eye diseases like cataract are thankfully rare in babies and children. In Zambia, however, childhood cataract is far more common and the country has one of the highest rates of childhood blindness in the world, with very limited access to eye care.”

Ms Cronin added: “With the UK government’s Aid Match scheme, this appeal really will have twice the impact, giving twice as many children the opportunity to go to school and provide them with a future full of possibilities.”

For more information, visit www.visionforzambia.org

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12 January 2015



We have proudly stated our commitment to deliver a new constitution before the 2016 presidential and general elections on several occasions.

In support of this commitment and in preparation for quick and efficient delivery, the UPND legal team has been working on a roadmap for the proposed constitution even as we are campaigning across the country.

We are taking our promise to the Zambian people to deliver a new constitution very seriously. In November I personally signed a Social Contract with the Grand Coalition putting our commitment in writing, with civil society as our witness.

We have not stopped there. We know there is work to do to make the new constitution a reality, and we are ready to take this on. By sharing a roadmap with the public and civil society even ahead of the election we demonstrate our seriousness in this matter.


  1. Within 7 days of taking office the President shall immediately appoint a Constitutional Delivery Team to oversee the validation of the proposed constitution.
  2. The Constitutional Delivery Team will work with the Referendum Commission (which will be the Electoral Commission). This Commission shall be appointed immediately after taking office.
  3. The Referendum Commission shall work closely with the Central Statistical Office and the National Registration Office to compile a national sample of all eligible voters for inclusion on the voters register.
  4. The President will introduce for enactment by Parliament, a bill to protect the constitution making process. This shall be done during the Legislative Session of Parliament commencing early 2015.
  5. The process will culminate in the holding of a referendum sometime in 2016 before the General Elections. To be preceded by extensive sensitisation programs led by civil society both for the referendum and the new constitutional process.
  6. Government will continue to work closely with civil society in all aspects of operationalizing the adopted constitution after Parliament pronounces its commencement date.

Hakainde Hichilema

UPND President


UPND Information (PI Dept)

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Edgar pledges to love Zambians

Patriotic Front president Edgar Lungu said he will love the Zambian people in the same way that the late president Michael Sata did.

PF Presidential candidate, Edger Lungu

PF Presidential candidate, Edger Lungu

Mr Lungu has also reiterated his pledge to continue with the late president’s programme of developing the nation when he takes over leadership of the country after the January 20 elections.

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MMD Legal Affairs Chairperson dares his party president, Dr. Mumba over MP’s supporting other presidential candidates

It appears the MMD President Nevers Mumba is about to get into another legal battle though this time around with his own Legal Affairs Committee

MMD President, Dr. Nevers Mumba

MMD President, Dr. Nevers Mumba

Chairperson, Bradfprd Machila following Dr. Mumbas’s warning that Members of Parliament supporting other presidential candidates in the upcoming January 20th Presidential By-election in Zambia may lose their Parliamentary seats.
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Party cadres urged to exercise peaceful campaigns

As Zambia goes to the polls to elect the 5th Republican President following the demise of the incumbent, Michael Sata, some concerned voters in Shiwang`andu district have called for peaceful campaigns ahead of the January 20th, 2015 Presidential By- elections. Continue reading

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Lumbama implores media to highlight issues of safety of girls

By Kebo Chisebe

Government has called on the media to help in the campaign against girl child abuse by broadcasting unsafe situations that have compromised girl’s safety in their pursuance of education.

Central Province, Permanent Secretary, Denny Lumbama said the media should give prominence to the campaign against the abuses girls were going through by broadcasting the unsafe situation far and wide for the whole nation to be aware.

Mr. Lumbama was speaking during the media campaign for girls’ safety and security at Kabwe Civic Centre grounds organized by FAWEZA. Kabwe is the provincial headquarters of Central Province in Zambia.

He said the pictorial research that was conducted by FAWEZA early this year highlighted the situations that put girls’ safety at risk in Kapiri Mposhi where some of them had been exposed to unsafe situations that have led them to dropping out of school.

Mr. Lumbama stressed the need to focus on the reduction of the number of pregnancies and not to encourage unwanted pregnancies in the province if the girl child was to prosper in education.

The Permanent Secretary commended the Forum for African Women Educationalists of Zambia (FAWEZA) for bringing to the attention of government the safety and security situation of girls in Kapiri Mposhi and how that has exacerbated teenage pregnancy.

Mr. Lumbama cited the scholarship scheme that had supported the education costs of children from the disadvantaged families, the science, mathematics and technology (SMT) and several safe houses built-in some districts as some of the demonstrative interventions FAWEZA had done to help the girl child.

He said Kapiri Mposhi town was on the high way and as such it had a high presence of travelers both foreign and local putting a number of girls at risk of abuse and exploitation by travellers who include truck drivers.

Mr. Lumbama explained that some settlements in the district were located far from most schools where many pupils have to walk long distances or opt to move into town to be near their schools where they lodge in rented unsafe accommodation.

He called for serious reflection about the various situations that had compromised girls’ safety and help government to focus on what is needed  to be done singularly or collectively to improve the lives of the  girls and promote their participation in education.

And speaking earlier, FAWEZA national coordinator, Daphne Chimuka said her organization would continue to advocate for gender sensitive education policies and programs and ensure that they were implemented in a way that promoted equitable participation of girls in education and at community level.

Mrs. Chimuka said FAWEZA members had campaigned for increased parental and community support to girls’ education as well as removal of social and cultural impediments that hindered the full participation of girls and women in education.

She said it was unfortunate that violence and threats of violence were still important reasons for girls not to attend school because their subordinate status in society made them more vulnerable to abuse than boys and fear of retaliation made it difficult for them to resist or complain.

Mrs. Chimuka said that in a society where deeply entrenched attitudes, beliefs and practices were more the obstacles to female advancement than government policies, a lot needed to be done to guarantee girls’ continued stay and completion at all levels.

She lamented that the fear of violence and other forms of harassment had been detrimental to girls’ education  adding that school based gender based violence was rooted in a male-dominated culture which belittled females or condoned violence against girls and women.


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