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Lumbama implores media to highlight issues of safety of girls

By Kebo Chisebe

Government has called on the media to help in the campaign against girl child abuse by broadcasting unsafe situations that have compromised girl’s safety in their pursuance of education.

Central Province, Permanent Secretary, Denny Lumbama said the media should give prominence to the campaign against the abuses girls were going through by broadcasting the unsafe situation far and wide for the whole nation to be aware.

Mr. Lumbama was speaking during the media campaign for girls’ safety and security at Kabwe Civic Centre grounds organized by FAWEZA. Kabwe is the provincial headquarters of Central Province in Zambia.

He said the pictorial research that was conducted by FAWEZA early this year highlighted the situations that put girls’ safety at risk in Kapiri Mposhi where some of them had been exposed to unsafe situations that have led them to dropping out of school.

Mr. Lumbama stressed the need to focus on the reduction of the number of pregnancies and not to encourage unwanted pregnancies in the province if the girl child was to prosper in education.

The Permanent Secretary commended the Forum for African Women Educationalists of Zambia (FAWEZA) for bringing to the attention of government the safety and security situation of girls in Kapiri Mposhi and how that has exacerbated teenage pregnancy.

Mr. Lumbama cited the scholarship scheme that had supported the education costs of children from the disadvantaged families, the science, mathematics and technology (SMT) and several safe houses built-in some districts as some of the demonstrative interventions FAWEZA had done to help the girl child.

He said Kapiri Mposhi town was on the high way and as such it had a high presence of travelers both foreign and local putting a number of girls at risk of abuse and exploitation by travellers who include truck drivers.

Mr. Lumbama explained that some settlements in the district were located far from most schools where many pupils have to walk long distances or opt to move into town to be near their schools where they lodge in rented unsafe accommodation.

He called for serious reflection about the various situations that had compromised girls’ safety and help government to focus on what is needed  to be done singularly or collectively to improve the lives of the  girls and promote their participation in education.

And speaking earlier, FAWEZA national coordinator, Daphne Chimuka said her organization would continue to advocate for gender sensitive education policies and programs and ensure that they were implemented in a way that promoted equitable participation of girls in education and at community level.

Mrs. Chimuka said FAWEZA members had campaigned for increased parental and community support to girls’ education as well as removal of social and cultural impediments that hindered the full participation of girls and women in education.

She said it was unfortunate that violence and threats of violence were still important reasons for girls not to attend school because their subordinate status in society made them more vulnerable to abuse than boys and fear of retaliation made it difficult for them to resist or complain.

Mrs. Chimuka said that in a society where deeply entrenched attitudes, beliefs and practices were more the obstacles to female advancement than government policies, a lot needed to be done to guarantee girls’ continued stay and completion at all levels.

She lamented that the fear of violence and other forms of harassment had been detrimental to girls’ education  adding that school based gender based violence was rooted in a male-dominated culture which belittled females or condoned violence against girls and women.


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Medical personnel challenged to take a lead in quality innovations to improve healthcare services

A senior government official has challenged the medical fraternity in Central Province to take a lead in quality innovations in order to improve healthcare services.


Central Province Permanent Secretary; Danny Lumbama made this challenge in a speech read on his behalf by Deputy Permanent Secretary; Mark Mankapi during the World Nurses Day celebration held at Civic Centre in Kabwe.

Kabwe is the administrative City of Central Province situated about 140 kilometers from the capital City of Lusaka, Zambia.


Mr. Lumbama reminded the medical personnel that it was impossible to have a successful health sector in any country minus their pivotal role.


He further stated that nurses were unique in that they trained in both social and biological sciences, and were therefore able to analyse situations, manage patients and generate information, all of which helped to improve the healthcare system.


Mr. Lumbama, however, challenged the senior nurses to take keen interest in finding lasting solutions to the complaints made by the public by examining their criticism so as to regain the public’s confidence.


At the same event, Zambia Union of Nurses (ZUN) Chairperson Anjelina Malambo informed those gathered that nurses had taken part in community services over the past week.


These activities included generally taking care of patients, cleaning, and making donations in various orphanages and hospices in Kabwe.


Mrs. Malambo appealed to the Permanent Secretary to assist the nursing organisation in a bid to enable the nurses to continue helping the less privileged people in society.


World Nurses Day is an annual event which falls on May 12th, and is internally commemorated.





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Senior government officials survives car robbery but sustains injuries

By Nalumino Nalumino


Crime appears to be on the rise in the recent past in Kabwe, the provincial capital of Central Province situated about 138 kilometers north of Zambia..


This development calls for the security wings to combine their efforts and investigate the criminal elements involved with destabilizing peace and traumatizing the lives of innocent peoples’ lives.


The latest incident of the Provincial Permanent Secretary Denny Lumbama who was attacked on Sunday October 19th, 2008 by six armed robbers who attempted to steal his motor vehicle should make every Kabwe resident and Zambians insecure .


The senior government official who had gone to visit his grandmother at Railways Township around 18:00 hours was attacked at the gate of his official residence when he returned home.


The local police chief Brenda Muntemba Sichilembe confirmed the development saying Mr. Lumbama was badly injured, as he was beaten by the robbers and was only saved when an alert female motorist put her head lumps on full beam when she realized that a person was being attacked.


The thieves had a backup vehicle that they were using and when they drove off, it was difficult to know exactly the direction of their escape rout. However, the permanent secretary’s car was abandoned after the criminal on the run had problems with the immobilizer.


Just a month ago, a prominent businessman popularly known as TITA, was abducted together with his wife and over K100 million stolen before they were abandoned. The couple which is highly dedicated to their business suffered at the hands of criminals who may have even harmed their lives but it was not over unless God permitted it.


There are several other crimes taking place in this town which never knew crime. The challenge is: will the residents allow this situation to continue or they will collaborate first among themselves and secondly the security wings in putting a stop to this no sense.



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