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Government to release K15 billion towards citizen empowermente

Economic empowerment founds have been a thorn in the flesh in many country’s and Zambia in no exception.

Since its establishment about two years ago, the Citizen Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) has come under attack from several sections of the Zambian community.

Complaints have been that funds meant for empowerment in most cases end up in the pockets of the rich and privileged especially those in the corridors of power.

Zambia has had numerous economic empowerment programmes targeting to empower citizens, however, little impact has been seen hence some citizens expressing their mixed feelings over a similar programme this time around.


Mwanawasa Legacy

An initiative of the late President Mwanawasa, the Citizen Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) today said it has approved 109 business projects.

The Commission has since announced that it would by next release over
K15 billion towards the projects.

ZANIS reports that the CEEC has said the indicative figures by the commission shows that the appraised projects have the potential to create 861 jobs by January this year.

CEEC chairperson, Jacob Sikazwe announced this at a press briefing in Lusaka.

Mr. Sikazwe said 73 projects at a cost of K8.6 billon have been approved this year while 36 projects at a total value of K6.6 billon were approved in December last year.
He said of the 73 projects approved this month, 20 are being promoted by the youths, 21 by women, one project by the disabled and the remaining 31 are been promoted by male entrepreneurs.

Mr. Sikazwe said the commission is mainly focusing on the marginalized and less privileged such as marketers, small-scale traders, the youths, disabled, and people living with HIV/AIDS.
He noted that in terms of provinces, Lusaka province has 25 projects amounting to K5 billion, Southern has 23 projects at K1.6 billion, Eastern has 17 projects valued at K1.3 billon.


He said Copperbelt and Central provinces have two projects each at K74 million, and K88 million respectively while North Western has four projects valued at K403 million.


Commission Pillars

Mr. Sikazwe has bemoaned luck of understanding by the citizens regarding the work of CEEC saying the public focus is only the funds.
He said the citizens need to understand that CEEC is guided by nine pillars which are, equity, ownership, management and control, preferential procurement, skills development, and access to finance.

He said other pillars are transformation of society, corporate social responsibility, good governance, and Greenfield investment.



He has also disclosed that the commission has since embarked on provincial tours to raise awareness to the communities and ensure that empowerment programmes are effectively implemented by targeted citizens.

Mr. Sikazwe said with this tour the commission has seen an improvement and in the quality of application forms submitted by the citizens.


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Holidays: Times of Refreshing

By Nalumino Nalumino

My big brother Likolo Ndalamei has always been an inspiration to me.


My daughter Thabo & son Limpho playing with their new found friend Thomas from Europe

My daughter Thabo & son Limpho playing with their new found friend Thomas from Europe

This is not because of his successful career as an economist who has served in various high profile management positions but also for his tradition of taking his family out for holidays every year.

At one time I told myself, “well the gentlemen has enough money to spare for such holiday making errands after all he is MD of the Zambia National Commercial Bank, the largest bank in the country.”

But years down the line especially in December 2009, I have come realize that it does not require a lot of money for one to take his family out on holiday. With our (my wife and myself) resources, I successfully managed to take my family to the tourist capital city, Livingstone.


Refreshing Time

What a time of refreshing we had gazing at the magnificent Victoria Falls, wildlife in the game park crowned with boat cruise on the Zambezi River on the splendid African Queen boat.


My wife, Miranda enjoying some zephyr on the Zambezi River while on the African Queen boat cruise

The faces of my wife, Miranda, daughter Thabo and son, Limpho beamed with smiles throughout the trip and they even now have smoothing to talk about.

Though the frequent question I can not answer is: “Daddy, mummy when are we going

back to Livingstone?” Thabo would ask.


Planning & Saving

Now, holidaying is not about having too much money but planning and saving the little required resources well in advance. The benefits of a break from our usual routine of life at work or homes are wholesome and rejuvenating to ones inner soul and the relationship with spouse and children invigorated.


While on holiday one takes time to delve into deep soul searching questions. One begins to learn that God is a great Creator indeed and his artisanship is second to none.


# # #

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The 70 Km strtch death trap Zimba-Livingstone Rd where motorists are taking about two hours to cover on their way to Zambia's tourist capital, Livingstone. Picture by Miranda Nalumino

The 70 Km stretch death trap Zimba-Livingstone Rd where motorists are taking about two hours to cover on their way to Zambia's tourist capital, Livingstone. Picture by Miranda Nalumino

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Zimba-Livingstone Rd – A death trap

By Nalumino Nalumino


During the festive season, I took my family out for holiday to the tourist capital city of Zambia, Livingstone the home town of the Victoria Falls.


I must admit my family comprising my wife, Miranda and our two children namely Thabo and Limpho had a nice memorable time having been to all most all the major tourist attractions. 


However, one disappointing thing is that the road leading into Livingstone is pathetic and portrays a serious misrepresentation of Zambia’s tourist capital.
Death Sentence

Lack of repairing this road is sentencing motorists and pedestrians alike to death each time they drive or walk on it. 


I was informed that tourists traveling to Livingstone by road often make a u-turn when they arrive in Zimba where the worst nightmare of both local and foreign tourists begins.


“Sorry we are tourists heading towards Livingstone and were given this road map but we’ve hit a dead end unfortunately. It appears there is no road so we’re going back to Lusaka,” one of the narratives a friend of mine who works in a government department told me after I inquired why the road had deteriorated to such a horrifying extent.


Another colleague of mine in the media in Livingstone told me that the local provincial leadership had done everything possible to prevent the Zimba-Livingstone Road from reaching such an extent.


However, he alleged that the Zambia National Tender Board were sorely responsible for the state of the Zimba – Livingstone because for whatever reason they delayed to award prospecting contractors a contract to rehabilitate the road.


Government should explain WHY

As a citizen who pays taxes as well as the fuel levy as a result of each litter of diesel and petrol I buy, I demand that officers responsible should be made answerable to the Zambian people as to why they allowed this important stretch of the road to reach such a deplorable level.


As a matter of fact government should be ashamed that right under its nose and all available resources the road leading to the tourist capital can be left to deteriorate to such unimaginable levels.


To make matters worse the contractor on site, China GEO does not inspire confidence in their workmanship according to my assessment because even the diversion they have made to me appears to have been made for earth moving and not ordinary vehicles.      


Can the Road Development Agency and Zambia National Tender Board as well as Ministry of Works and Supply either singularly or collectively explain to the nation what they were doing while they watched the road depreciate day by day.


People holding public office should know that their first duty and obligation is to ensure they serve the citizens through un-challenged service provision not that nonsense of a road destroying vehicles which government can not even rapier.



Woke up somebody and get down to serious business and serve the people! 

Unfortunately, due to proper third world internet connectivity the author is unable to publish the spine chilling pictures of the Zimba-Livingstone Road. However, I promised my family, God allowing; next time we are on a trip to the tourist capital, we shall be flying unless otherwise.

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